Downloadable Pictures from DarkKokiri~

Well, here ya go! Some pictures of mine. Please show respect and do not use in public without consulting me. All of these pictures are rightfully owned by me. I have right to take down any videos or posts of my material if used without permission. Please send me a message on YouTube or email me at Darkkokiri@gmail.com and please mention which picture you want to use, for what reason, and where it will be posted.

TO DOWNLOAD THESE IMAGES: Right click and select "Save Image As...." And there ya go! :)

*If you've seen a picture from me you want posted here, please tell me.
*Please alert me of any broken links


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I ONLY OWN THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS DISPLAYED: Darkeh, Cloudpaw, Ivorytail, Reywa, Shlou, Latashi, Kiraki, and Dayabi