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Some FAQs

I get a lot of the same questions..
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are you animating right now?

A: This.

Q: What Programs do you use?

A: I use Adobe Photoshop CS for drawing, and Windows Movie Maker for animation.

Q: I use Windows Movie Maker, it won't let me upload my project to YouTube! Halp!

Agh- I answer this question way too much. If you video was saved using Windows Movie Maker, make sure it's a MOVIE file-- NOT a project file. The project file just saves your work so you can come back to it later, but a movie file actually plays the movie in a nice quality that runs smoothly. So, here's what you do. Open your project file in Windows Movie Maker, then take your cursor over to "file". When the options list appears, there will be one that says something like: "Export as Movie File..." "Save as a Movie File.." ect. Click that :)Next, pick the where you want to save the movie, then just type in what you want the name of your movie to be, and lastly choose the file type (which is probably preset). Wait for your movie to save and then, wala! Your movie is now a compatible file for YouTube.  

Q: Why won't you respond to my question? Are you ignoring me?

A: I'm not, I read every comment and question I get-- But sometimes I don't get the time to answer it; OR if it's a question about software, I won't answer it. Even if I don't respond to a comment, I still appreciate it. 

Q: How do you animate?

A: That's not explainable in words. Try looking at my tutorials or searching for a how to. :P

Q: How long have you been animating?

A: I've been animating since I was 9. I started with horrible, Slow, Paint animations.. just like everyone else :]

Q: Do you do all of the animation youself?

A: I create all graphics and animations shown in my videos. I don't trace anything.
Q: How long does it take to make a video? An animation.

A: It really depends what's going on. If the video is just a music based video, the storyline is pretty much planned out. Same goes for Warriors. For other original ideas I have to create a story-board as well as a script.. Which can add a huge amount of time. I can't get much done in a school day. I have no exact answer for that.

Q: Did you expect so many subscribers when you started to be on YouTube?

A: Frankly, No! I never expected to get anywhere in animation. In 5th grade, I made tons of very stupid animations, my sister urged me to put them on YouTube so I did. I mainly put them up for my 5th grade class to see, such as Chewy the Soapy Chicken and Zelda animations. I only started getting subscribers after my 3rd chapter of Into the Wild.

Q: Could you give me some help, I'm a beginning animator!

A: All I can say is, "try and try again"... I never took classes or anything, I figured it out on my own, I really don't have time to talk out every little aspect of animation to you :[

Q: Will you voice in my series? Or can I voice in your series?

A: Sorry, no, I will not voice act for any series UNLESS I ask and get a part. I'm a pretty horrible voice actor anyway- so you shouldn't want me as one xD Also, I get tons of people asking me, if I voice for all of your series' how will I ever get time to animate!? Haha. Again, sorry, but all the voice actor parts I have are filled (unless stated otherwise)

Q: I have another question-

Please review my FAQ videos posted on my YouTube account. 8]

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