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Sorry everyone, I died.
I recently came back to life. Inspired partially, and guilty. I feel so terrible for being idle for nearly 6 months. :< 
Well, here I go. I'll start slow by updating my website.
Sorry so MUCH to everyone who sent me fanart/fanmail! I'm updating fan-art again ^^ Thanks!
(By the way. I took down the ads on my website. No more revenue for a lazy person! --slaps self--)
Happy Pi day! 
Sorry to everyone who sent in Fan-Art; Again I missed a bunch of updates. It should all be up now. I'm going to try to update it every Sunday again. 


I just want to thank everyone again for all of their support. You guys are the best ♥
Now that I finished my History Fair Project, I can start working on my animation projects now. 


I apologize to anyone who sent in Fan-Art, I skipped a fan-art update day. 
But everything people sent to my normal email, Fan-Art email, and on DeviantArt have their Fan-Art posted now :]

I now have a
Download Programs page.. and a secret page has been added!

Check it out! I have a search box on my site now! ^-^

Special Shout-Out to youtube.com/bluestarluverx23 ! Thanks so much for buying me a dA subscription!I will be continuing my projects :3

Darkeh now has a Twitter :3
Follow me~


An FAQ video will be posted soon. And then I'll be working on that Dark River project.

Exams are over! Finally..
I'll be working on that Dark River project this Winter Break.
Hopefully I'll get it done, but no guarantees. Check out information 
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