Current Projects

Animation Projects

♦Diraki Warriors Episode 1
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Type: Series
Creators/Writers: DarkKokiri & Latia
Animators: DarkKokiri
Characters: DarkKokiri & Latia

Status: Being Animated. WILL BE FINISHED

{{Description coming soon.}}

♦Dark River: The Tunnels
Genre: Adventure, Dramatic
Type: Scene
Creators/Writers: Erin Hunter, the Warriors Series
Animators: DarkKokiri
Characters: Erin Hunter
Status: Storyboard is being made. WILL BE FINISHED..
Description:In Dark River there is a very visual scene, perfect for animating: Jaypaw, Hollypaw, Lionpaw, Heatherpaw, and Breezepaw have to save 3 kits from the flooding tunnels. I've always wanted to animate this :]

Music Projects (?)

 . . . To be updated.