About Me

Hiya! You probably know me as "DarkKokiri" on YouTube. I chose that name because when I made it I was majorly into The Legend of Zelda, which I still very much enjoy. A Kokiri is a type of elf from that particular video game & tv show series. Anyway, this page is just to tell you a little bit about me. 
Name: Darkeh (or any variation of the word "Dark")
Age: 14
Art Style: Cartoon
Animating Since: 2006
Hobbies/Interests: Animating, doodling, playing keyboard, getting kicked out of libraries, forgetting everything I needed to bring at home, ranting, stalking, tricking friends, eating my own hand, the list goes on...

5 Facts
1. I'm a huge animal lover, in fact I'm a Vegan (No, I don't eat dirt... -_-)
2. My favorite band is The Beatles
3. I'm not really an anime fan
4. I'm a girl! *gasp*
5.  Dinosaurs stole my heart.

Let's see. Interesting about me? Nothing, haha.
Back in 5th grade I started drawing on the computer, using MS Paint and a mouse, my first animations were poorly drawn and slow; usually relating to The Legend of Zelda. I took a break from all of that, and in 6th grade I began reading Warriors. At the time I really thought no one knew about Warriors. I decided to animate the first chapter of Warriors for fun. Before I knew it I was getting comments, I was astonished that Warriors was so popular back then. Surprisingly, some Warriors fanatics wanted me to animate more, and so I did. Then my subscribers started climbing up the scale; never would of thought I'd be popular for those, as I call them, failures. As with fans comes trolls (or rather ignorant haters who wish to do nothing but unfairly criticize)... but those people don't get to me. I usually respond to them agreeing, sarcastically, or I just remove the comment. I do appreciate constructive criticism on my newer work, but please don't tell me how to animate a run cycle on one of my videos from 2 years ago; it doesn't help, because obviously I've learned that already :] 

To all who want to animate, all I can say is look at how things move in real life; use your resources. Don't copy someone else, though, it's disrespectful to steal ideas. Even if you think what you're doing is wrong, keep trying, eventually you'll have something to be proud of. 
I use a tablet